Cyanotype is a photographic process utilising iron based chemicals to produce a cyan blue print. Objects, templates or negatives are placed directly onto prepared fabric or paper and are exposed using a UV light source, following exposure the cyanotype is rinsed thoroughly in water. The cyanotype process dates back to 1842 and was invented by Sir John Herschel.
My cyanotypes are printed on 100% cotton fabric, my UV light source is the sun, the more UV present the shorter the exposure time; the differing UV levels in the British sunshine and length of exposure affect the intensity of the blue produced, cyanotypes created in Autumn and Spring require longer exposures than those created in the height of Summer.

I use the cyanotypes to create covers for my handmade notebooks and sketch books, I have also started to also frame some of them. Due to the process used to create them each cyanotype is an individual, one off piece of work, these are some examples of what I create with my cyanotypes.

Cyanotype Notebook example 3 (612x750)
Sketch book examples (750x517)
Framed Photogram Allium II (750x728)
Cyanotype Notebook example 4 (593x750)
Framed Cyanotype - Tall Poppy (750x733)
Notebook and Sketch book examples (750x510)