I am a photographer and darkroom printer, all of my work is produced using an analogue camera and black and white film; my photography is inspired by the way the fall of light picks out the tones, textures and contrasts inherent in both the smaller and wider landscape. I am fascinated by the way the grain in the fast films that I work with adds a further textural dimension to my finished pieces.

I hand print all my work in a wet darkroom, utilising traditional techniques and materials; the majority of my work is printed on fibre based, light sensitive papers. I have chosen to work with film and traditional light sensitive photographic papers because it is an exciting and occasionally unpredictable medium with which to work and the processes used are highly creative in their nature. I enjoy experimenting in the darkroom in order to increase my knowledge and understanding of the materials with which I am working.

I do not currently work in limited editions as I usually only produce just one or two finished photographs from any one negative.

In addition to my photography I also create photograms, these are images created entirely in the darkroom, each one is individually created and hand printed.

If you are interested in buying one of these photographs please contact me either via the contact form or by e-mail, prices and availability are shown at the bottom of each photograph. Framed photographs can be taken out of the frame and sold as mounted only photographs please contact me for a price in these instances.

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